1613 Swift Ave,  North Kansas City, MO  64116
Ph: 816.844.3955 | Fax: 816.844.3710


  1. Caring Staff
    Nurses, CMTs, CNAs The staff at Northland Adult Day Center is dedicated to providing a positive environment where clients are treated with respect and dignity. We will provide the highest level of care with skill and integrity.
  2. Weather
    In case of inclement weather, the Center will be closed when North Kansas City, MO School District is closed.
  3. Gallery
    See us in action at Northland ADC
  4. Operating Hours
    Northland ADC operates Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm.
  5. Calendar
    Check here for weekly activities
  6. Cafe Menu
    Find our breakfast, lunch and snack menus here.
Paying for Services
Northland Adult Day Center is a cost-effective
long-term care option. Our services may be covered
by Medicaid, Veterans Benefits, Long term care Insurance and private pay.

Daily Rate
There is a minimum of 4 hours per/day increment enrollment. 
Our rates include, breakfast, lunch, snacks and activities. 
Financial assistance may be availalble.

Full day = More than four (4) hours = $75
Half day = Four (4) hours or less       = $50
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